Kena: Bridge of Spirits Update 2.03 Fixes Anniversary Update Bugs

Ember Lab has rolled out Kena: Bridge of Spirits update 2.03, which fixes bugs introduced by the recent Anniversary Update. To mark the game’s first anniversary, the developer introduced a number of new features like New Game+, an enhanced photo mode, Spirit Guide trials, and much more. Patch 2.03 also makes several stability improvements and is live on all platforms right now. Kena: Bridge of Spirits update 2.03 patch notes Complete patch notes are as follows: Fix for performance issues occurring after resuming an Activity on PS5. Fixed issues making it possible to collect more than 100 Rot when replaying the game in New Game+. Fixed a bug with the Shrine Guardian Combat Reflection Trial that prevented the bonus objective “Cleansing Strike” from being awarded. Crash fixes. Kena Outfit animation improvements and fixes. Fixed issue allowing the Woodknight to attack during spawn animation. Kena: Bridge of Spirits released as a PlayStation console exclusive in 2021, and is available on both the PS4 and PS5. It has received numerous awards and nominations since its release, and Ember Lab’s Josh Grier previously revealed that Sony was “happy” with the game’s sales performance. According to the studio, Kena: Bridge of Spirits broke even within a month of its release. The post Kena: Bridge of Spirits Update 2.03 Fixes Anniversary Update Bugs appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle Read more

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5G Launch in India: GoI aims for pan-India penetration in 2 years, but there are some roadblocks ...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially launched 5G services in the country today at the 6th Indian Mobile Congress. In India, 5G services will begin in select cities, with Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel being the first telecommunications organisations to offer their services. India Inc. hopes that 5G or fifth generation mobile network services will cover the entire country over the next couple of years and will unleash a completely new bunch of economic, industrial and societal benefits. Regular consumers, on the other hand, are seeing this mainly as a new generation of super-fast internet. While 5G does mean fast and better internet, with users now having access to 20 Gbps, the biggest advantage of using a 5G network is its low latency. 5G has a latency that is below 5 milliseconds as compared to 60 to 98 ms of 4G. This alone would revolutionise the application of AI, ML and IoT services. 4G penetration in India was quick. In 2016, only 9 per cent of mobile phone users, had and used 4G services. In 2021, that number rose to 68 per cent. India Inc., as well as the government, hopes that 5G will show similar growth. Although the government, the telco sector and smartphone manufacturers are rather bullish about the adoption of 5G in India, especially when one considers the aggressive goals for 5G penetration, there are a few roadblocks up ahead. The investment The biggest challenge in 5G’s penetration in India will fall upon the telcos. Although the outlook is positive, with both major telco service providers in India, Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel hoping to have pan India 5G penetration by the end of 2023, the investments that the telco industry needs to make in establishing proper 5G networks is humungous. One of the major reasons for this is the fact that 5G networks will rely of fibre-optic cables. Despite being around for years, the penetration of fibre-optic cables in India hasn’t been what most analysts and industry insiders had hoped it to be. Exist... Read more

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RPG Maker Unite makes it easier to port thousands of games to mobile

RPG Maker has been used to make thousands of games over the past decade. However, not many have been ported to Android. In a surprising new update, RPG Maker Unite will bring forth a new generation of mobile ports.  Porting with RPG Maker Unite  A new version of the video game engine, RPG Maker Unite, will make it easier to bring games made to Android. Developed RPG Maker games will now be easily converted to mobile platforms, giving portable gamers access to even more titles.  Via PocketTactics, this new software is designed to make everything easier. Even if a developer wants to make a brand new game from scratch, they’ll be able to create faster than ever before.  In the new engine, characters can be created from scratch in minutes. Furthermore, the developers have made it much easier to create unique assets inside the engine itself, instead of relying on other programs.  However, it is the RPG Maker Unite smartphone export tool that is most exciting for us. Games created in prior versions of the engine can be put back into Unite to be ported straight to mobile.  Of course, this won’t be as easy as pressing a “port to Android” button. More complex games will likely require some additional tweaking to become playable on Android. Nevertheless, this new engine will make it easier for everyone to make games on mobile.  Read More: The last Terraria update is out now… for real this time The end of Joi Play?  RPG Maker games that aren’t supported on Android have been technically playable on the platform for a while. Using a translation layer called Joi Player, you can play a number — but not all — of games.  Despite the fact that RPG Maker Unite will make it easier to bring games to mobile, not all games will be ported. With this in mind, Joi Play is still an integral part of enjoying these games on mobile.  Nevertheless, we hope that developers of games on the engine will bring them onto Android. Will we finally get an Android of To The M... Read more

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Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Trophy List Suggests Release Date Could Be Soon

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem has never been announced for any other platforms than PC, yet it definitely seems to be making its way to PS5 seeing as the game’s trophy list made a surprise appearance today. This suggests the game will be released on the console soon despite the lack of comment from developers Croteam and Timelock Studio or publisher Devolver Digital. Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem PS5 Trophy List The Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem PS5 trophy list that appeared without warning on Exophase follows on from an ESRB rating in July that was the first hint we got that the game would no longer be PC-exclusive. There are 50 trophies in the trophy list, including the coveted Platinum trophy. While the majority of the trophy descriptions leave their unlock conditions a bit of a mystery, there are definitely collectibles and imaginative ways to kill enemies involved. There’s also Serious difficulty to beat, Survival levels to master, and at least one trophy that requires co-op. You can see the full Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem trophy list below. Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Platinum Trophy Hero – Unlock all trophies Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Gold Trophies Old School – Complete Siberian Mayhem without learning a single S.A.M skill in Singleplayer No Stones Unturned – Find all secrets Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Silver Trophies Serious Archeologist – Hey, this looks familiar! Combustion Tamer – Kill 30 enemies while riding one Draconian Burner Look Ma, I’m a Lumberjack! – Complete the mech sequence and kill all big enemies without shooting Iron Caput – Don’t ride the tank – become the tank Veni, Vidi, Vici – Beat the final boss in Singleplayer on Serious difficulty without loading mid-battle savegames Serious Mayhem – Complete Siberian Mayhem on Serious difficulty in Singleplayer Massacre Party – Complete Siberian Mayhem on Serious difficulty in Cooperative with enemy multiplier set to at least x2 Extreme Survivalist – Get... Read more

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Death Stranding 2 May Be Kojima’s Last PlayStation-Exclusive Game

Earlier today, rumors started spreading that Kojima Productions had been making an exclusive follow-up to Death Stranding for Google Stadia, but it had been canceled early into development. While there are several reasons for that rumor to be disputed, one insider is adamant that Death Stranding 2 was always going to be a Sony game and that the nature of this contract means it could also be the last PlayStation-exclusive game from Kojima, at least for now. Will Death Stranding 2 be exclusive to PlayStation? Kojima Productions is yet to confirm they are making Death Stranding 2, but leaks from people like protagonist Sam Porter Bridges actor Norman Reedus suggest the game is in active development. As the Death Stranding IP is owned by Sony and not by Kojima Productions, the sequel will likely be the second game that is included in the multi-game contract the two companies signed quite a while ago, at least according to insider Dusk Golem anyway (thanks Reddit). Aside from the new information that the game is apparently codenamed Ocean, no other details about death stranding 2 were revealed. The more interesting bit of the claim is that Sony and Kojima Productions have a multi-game contract that has so far produced Death Stranding and is due to yield another game. Regardless of whether that game is Death Stranding 2 or not, the contract is due to end once the second game has been released. At the moment, Sony and Kojima Productions are apparently in negotiations on whether to extend or renew this contract or to just let it expire. If the contract isn’t renewed, Death stranding 2 could be the last Playstation-exclusive game we get from Kojima Productions, especially as the studio has a deal with Microsoft to “create a video game for Xbox like no one has ever experienced before“. So far, neither Kojima Productions, Sony, nor Google have commented on the rumors. The post Death Stranding 2 May Be Kojima’s Last PlayStation-Exclusive Game appeared first on PlayS... Read more

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